Period: July - August


Days: Monday to friday





1 week- 120€

Extra hour from 8h to 9h: 4€/day

Lunch: 7€/day

1 week- 160€

Extra hour from 8h to 9h: 4€/day

Lunch: 7€/day



Duration: 9:00h a 14:00h classes / 8:00h a 9:00h extra hour / 14:00h a 16.00h lunch


Vacancy: 25

What if I do not want to do the activities at sea?

The girls and boys associate a summer camp at a Yacht club with the obligation to go out to sea. Sensaciones Recreativas ia an alternative for children who do not wish to go out and navigate. The children have the option to stay on land with our monitors and participate in different activities, sucha as craft work, theater workshop, excursiones to museums in Torrevieja, skating, zumba yoga, phtography workshop, painting and much more.

What age range does Sensaciones Recrativas? From 4 years old!

The courses will be carried out with a minimum of four students.