Period: July - August


Days: Monday to friday






1 week - 120€

Extra hour from 8h to 9h: 4€/day

Lunch: 7€/day

1 week - 160€

Extra hour from 8h to 9h: 4€/day

Lunch: 7€/day


Duration: 9:00h to 13:00h classes - 8:00h to 9:00h extra hour - 14:00h to 16:00h lunch


Vacancy: 40

Spend a sensational summer enjoying a multiactivity campus in Torrevieja.

Perfect your swimming, learn English, enjoy Kayak and dive into the sport of sailing!

Summer is Sensaciones Náuticas.

Our multi-activity is for children who want to enjoy the sea, summer, outsoors and sports.

The day starts with swimming lessons where they will learn authentic techniques to swim like a fish. After, a qualified teacher will give them English lessons, learning new words and expression.

After these 2 activities, time for a break & snack and straight after, the children will be divided in 2 groups to practice rowing and sailing.

After rowing and sailing and all the metarials are in order & tidy, we will have lunch at the Yacht club´s restaurant.

During the campus, not only we want the kids to have fun, but also learn & respect the sea and it´s environment. We insist the importance of recycling and taking care of the sea. All our students will have a logbook where every day they will be able to note their experience.

On the last day of campus, our instructors will give out to each child a diploma and their Sailing Federation License.

All our activities are accompanied by qualified staff and speak English and occasionally Russian.